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DEATH HANGOUT We start with death and go off on tangents, talking about anything and everything at the end. That's the point. Olivier: You're mistaken if you believe that you’ll be ready for the death experience without having thought about it.Thinking about this tremendous experience does more than prepare us to die; it also helps us lead a better life. Keith: Death Hangout guests who have spent a lot of time contemplating death have a deep sense of calm, yet they are very active, very productive. I've noticed that their lives don’t have that busyness, that sense of hurry. There seems to be a greater sense of authenticity because their perspective creates a measured approach. They don’t waste time chasing things that aren't important. The time that they spend on things is meaningful and brings a sense of peace. There's a lack of panic, of striving. Olivier: Before Death Hangout I had another podcast which was called Raw Voices. It was really difficult to get guests. I was getting one response for every ten requests. With our Death Hangout guests I just send one email and they reply straight away, saying "Yeah, I will do this for you.” Everyone is interested about this topic. Our guests don’t have to be part of the death community. For instance, 22 | ART OF DYING we interviewed a well-known comedian who doesn’t talk about death in his act. What he had to say was funny and profound. Our interest is how death impacts our life, that's it. Life interests us more than death. We use death as the great revealer. We start with death and go off on tangents, talking about anything and everything at the end. That's the point. Keith: The aim of the show is to open up the conversation to everyone and anyone. If you look at books, at TV, at movies, death is everywhere. I don't think there's a subject where you can’t reference death. Olivier: You want to have fresh perspectives, to bring something unexpected, something new to the table. How great it could be to encourage anyone, a politician or a corporate guy, anybody, to say, “Well this is what I think about death, and this is how death impacts my daily life.” Keith: All of us experience mini- deaths on a regular basis. There are endings of relationships. There’s growth and change in ourselves, where we're different to what we were before. There’s a constant birth- death cycle going on. I think back when my kids were toddlers and look