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DEATH HANGOUT looking at the whole life. We need to think of life and death as a whole piece. Olivier: Coaching is a process, a methodology. It can be executive, it can be team, it can be life coaching. It’s all the same to us. It's just asking questions for our clients to find their own answers. No matter what coaching I'm doing, there's a place where people are stuck. They cannot find their own answer. We as coaches don't bring any answers. We don't bring any guidance or solutions. Otherwise we'd be called consultants. In order for people to find their own answer, we bring awareness to their own values. We open them up and ask them to look inside to find what is important inside them. We guide them to their core. In one of the exercises we ask our client to visualize themselves lying on their death bed. What is important to you now? Looking back, what does your life look like? This helps them to pause and to search for what is most important to them. In this sense, death can be a great tool for clarity. Keith: The contemplation around death doesn't mean you're not living in the moment, it means, in that moment, you contemplate a bigger picture. The contemplation of death brings you a different perspective and focus on how you live in the now. VOLUME III | 21