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The Death Hangout is the creation of Olivier Larvor and Keith Clarke. The Death Hangout is a very special and humanistic place (non-religious and non-political). We believe death has a very useful function in our lives. And no, not just to wipe us mercilessly from the face of the earth. Rather than ignore our mortality and pretend it is not there, we believe in openly thinking, chatting, and learning about it. Oh, and having fun along the way. Yes, so much fun…with Death in mind! The Death Hangout offers a podcast, a book, and coaching services. MARICHIEL BOUDWIN • INANUTSHELLSTUDIO.COM at them now; it's like those people are gone. It’s about living in the now. It’s about being prepared to let go. That's what death is and if you live in the now and can't let go of clinging to what is, then it makes living in the now harder. Contemplation of death helps us process change in our lives. I was with a corporate client the other morning, talking about processes and procedures and that kind of thing. We ended up having a conversation around death. It can come in anywhere. There are no restrictions. That's what makes it exciting. And the more people we talk to, the more we branch out, the more the message gets out there. WWW.DEATHHANGOUT.COM Olivier: Despite the data that says everything is better than ever, we feel that something is lacking. We're not that happy. I think it's because we deny parts of our humanity. We don't think about death. To be happy, we need to live fully, we need to be conscious of our mortality. Keith and I try to not to make this death thing morbid or scary. Maybe it is in reality, yeah, death can be bad, but also there are also good parts to death. There are two sides here. That's why when you visit our website, there's a nice death character, not a terrifying dude. From a conversation with John Wadsworth OLIVIER LARVOR A former HR KEITH CLARKE A former HR Manager Olivier is French but has lived in Bulgaria, Ireland, in England and half in Ireland. He is an accredited Manager for one of the Top S&P 500 companies, the UK and the UAE. He is an accredited Executive/ Team Coach, 360 degree facilitator, author, and podcaster. He is the father of two boys and a guitarist in an obscure indie band. in the logistics industry, Keith has lived half his life Life and Business Coach, training consultant, author, and podcaster. He is the father of two teenagers and sings and plays bass and guitar in an alternative rock band. VOLUME III | 23