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DEATH HANGOUT The contemplation around death doesn't mean you're not living in the moment, it means, in that moment, you contemplate a bigger picture. Keith: We are working towards introducing death awareness in our coaching practice, integrating the subject of death into our leadership workshops. We think death is a topic that needs to be talked about every day. We started our Death Hangout podcast to expand from that. it's about living a better life. Olivier: Our ambition with Death Hangout is to explore and talk about death in a different way. There are many TV shows and documentaries about death. And there's always this kind of very depressing feel. I'm not saying that death cannot be depressing. But we want to bring a different angle where you have humor, where we can laugh about it, because for us, Keith: We have a “17-70 Exercise.” We ask our client to look at their life from the perspective of their 17-year old self and ask themselves what would they look at now, what advice they would give, what questions they would ask. Then we ask them to think about themselves at the age of 70 looking back, what would they tell themselves now. We are finding that you can't look at death without 20 | ART OF DYING As one of our Death Hangout guests Sheldon Solomon said, the more you don't want to think or talk about death, the more death is stressing you, manipulating you. It's a healthy habit to think and talk about death.