Art of Dying Volume II | Page 21

und to our or a short of time. do it alone. That's why I'm so open to sharing my boring, average life. One of the reasons I'm open to sharing our story is to open people's spirits to the idea that what you do matters and that having a purpose, being purposeful in your actions and your decisions, is important. As I talk with my friends, I don't know what their individual purpose is. I don't know if they know what their individual purpose is, but there is a purpose. It's a shame if you don't get to fulfill your purpose. Again, part of that is recognizing that today could be your last. I absolutely know that there is a God and that He is actively encouraging me in my life. Before this health crisis, although I had a deep faith in God and I felt that God existed, I actually felt like He was hands off. I feel that I've been put on this path and that when I walk this path God is really happy. That is so humbling to go through and to recognize that none of what I do is really of my own power. Frankly, I was kind of an arrogant SOB before this health crisis. I was absolutely overconfident in my own abilities. Now I am a much humbler, kinder, Garth and I could never go back to being that other guy. ABOUT GARTH CALLAGHAN Ever since his daughter was in kindergarten, Garth Callaghan put a small inspirational note, written on a napkin, in her lunch box. When he was diagnosed with cancer a third time, Garth worried that he wouldn't make it to his daughter’s graduation, and neither would his notes. He decided to write them in advance, just in case, for all 826 remaining school days. the embarrassing things. I talk about throwing up at work, I talk about the pain of biopsies. Sharing it all gives people the ability to understand that what they're going through and what I'm going through, is, finally, not unique. Everybody has some sort of pain in their lives, some sort of barrier and it's our job to help others get through that pain and get over that barrier. We can't Garth encourages people to write notes and create deeper relationships; to do something that uplifts the lives of others. It doesn’t have to be what we commonly define as a “big” thing. Like a napkin note, something small can have a tremendous impact. WWW.NAPKINNOTESDAD.COM VOLUME II | 21