Art of Dying Volume One | Page 4

EDITOR’S NOTE Death is approaching everyone. One moment we will no longer be who we have believed ourselves to be. Our bodies will be lifeless. And all that we have experienced, our loves, our hates, our successes and our failures, will dissipate as dreams. How we die is important. Art of Dying does not relate death with age. Our which our organic echo may live as long as earth exists, through nurturing the growth of trees whose seeds will grow new trees whose seeds will grow new trees… Here is William Buhlman, a remarkable entity whose human life’s calling is to reveal that death as we fear it, as we think we know it, does not exist. And here is Harry North, an accomplished artist dying cover artist, and hospice whisperer, Claudia BiÇen, just of prostate cancer, who appreciates death as a great men dedicated to changing society’s relationship with embodied life ends. Harry’s is the voice Art of Dying is turned 30. Jon Underwood and Ivor Williams are young dying. Death has always influenced the art of robust Helmuth Humphrey. Koshin Paley Ellison, Karen Wyatt, MD and Ellen Fein awakener and who accelerates his creative activity as his most honored to share—authentic, vital and inspiring to those of us who have yet to face death’s call. Art of Dying unconditionally respects the numberless have witnessed thousands of deaths, remembering and ways through which we cope with death’s mystery. All intimate involvement with what most of us avoid. and sorrow be negated, nor that the Unknown be known. learning from each. Their lives are enriched through Phyllis Shacter shares her husband’s conscious choice of elective death through Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED) rather than granting Alzheimer’s the perspectives are welcome, with no insistence that pain Death transcends the humancentric worldview. We, the living and the dying, unite in death’s transcendence. Each of us has developed a unique Art of Living, power to cripple their life and love. through which we have crafted our identity, our public molecular shell, Capsula Mundi offers options through of Living’s masterpiece. For those concerned about the fate of their abandoned and private sense of self. Our Art of Dying can be our Art JOHN WADSWORTH, FOUNDING EDITOR AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR JOHN@ARTOFDYINGMAGAZINE.COM 4 | ART OF DYING @ARTOFDYINGMAGAZINE @ARTOFDYINGMAG