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psychological, emotional, religious and spiritual. People who die a good death often do so because they are ready to die: if still mentally alert and lucid, they can prepare by resolving lingering conflicts, seeking counsel and eventually coming to terms with fate. Importantly, those who are prepared to die are often surrounded by loved ones, and arrange to receive care that maintains their self-respect. BEING & DYING of their bodies or minds. Right-to-die supporters have already experiences that re-integrate death into in the United States, the Netherlands and Belgium. And popular was designed to help adolescents grieve surveyed in a June 2014 Gallup poll think that physician-assisted themselves with sound, instead of assisted dying is expected to be legal within two years. adolescents— though highly connected grassroots movement to fill in the gap between traditional, during di fficult periods of loss. We ways to die well. into a social tech start-up called Humane the United States and Europe, have started offering practical and developed into an IOS app called Cove. around dying, often to perfectly healthy people. Alongside them owners of the simple fact of being alive, people who meet online and then gather in person to discuss dying move with your heartbeat, using heart To die with dignity, some choose to go before they lose control Being and Dying builds products and succeeded in legalizing voluntary euthanasia in places like Oregon life. Flutter, an interactive music program, support for death by choice is spreading; seven out of 10 Americans the loss of a loved one by expressing euthanasia should be available for terminally ill people. In the UK, words, after our research showed that This is the beginning of a cultural shift toward death, a spiritual care and institutional, medical treatment, by creating new Death doulas or death midwives, scattered through cities across emotional support services around dying emotional support services through their devices—tend to self-isolate successfully spooled this research project Engineering, and the project has now been We’ve also built a wall clock to remind is a growing network of Death Cafés around the world: groups of right now. The arms of the clock gently over chocolate cake and cappuccino. rate sensors similar to those found in the loss, in July 2013, National Public Radio journalist Scott Simon live- does. The clock, called Uji, embodies a many people are talking, connecting and passing on wisdom about understand that we are always in time, not Breaking the stigma on public expressions of mourning and Apple Watch. It only stops when your heart tweeted his own mother’s death. Outside of traditional institutions, Zen philosophy of time: that we should how to approach our demise. These initiatives represent the DIY side before or after it. of redesigning death. At the opposite end of the spectrum, driven by advances in computing, US tech company claims it will soon offer algorithmic facsimiles of deceased loved ones, which live on in IVOR WILLIAMS WWW.BEINGANDDYING.COM IVOR@BEINGANDDYING.COM cloud servers. Google’s Inactive Account Manager, deletes or shares deceased users’ data according to instructions left behind, while Facebook app My Memorials creates digital obituaries, guest books, and photo albums. All fall into a range of digital death services now emerging in the field of thanatosensitive design, from Thanatos, the Greek god for death. What we need is a new art of dying. 20 | ART OF DYING