Art of Dying Volume II | Page 56

All Souls Procession PHOTOGRAPHY BY KATHLEEN DREIER I picked up my first camera in 2005 and photographed by first All Souls Procession as a spectator in 2008. In 2010, I submitted some of my images on the topic of death and dying to an All Souls Procession art show and received Honorable Mention. One of the awards was a coveted Media Circle Pass that gave me all access to the Procession and Finale stage. That is when my essential relationship with Many Mouths One Stomach (the non-profit mother organization of the All Souls Procession) began. I have been a core Media Circle member ever since. It is a profound privilege and sacred act to document the public’s remembrance and celebration of their deceased loved ones. To photograph the Procession is to be a witness-bearer to that which joins all participants in this collective experience—death. To photograph people solemnly, harmoniously walking as one with their sorrow continues to be a blessed transformative experience. 56 | ART OF DYING