Art of Dying Volume II | Page 50

NED BUSKIRK parts that we all suffer; the parts that are confusing, that make us feel dark or lost, the parts that break our heart. I never feel far away from that. I know my work producing "You're Going to Die", is staying close to death’s core experience, not dramatically pushing myself, but staying in touch with the suffering so that I can authentically say, “I get it.” I willingly and openly go forward into those parts of life and death so that I can meet and understand other people. "You’re Going To Die" came from the parts of life that haunt me and the parts that make me feel joy and the ways that I want to work on life and the 50 | ART OF DYING things that I need to keep returning to. The show comes from all that. Sometimes I'm surprised that I haven't shut off many of the struggles I’ve been through. Like why, after my mother passed away, did I aggressively explore that heartbreak and wound? I went to grief therapy and am still engaged with one-on-one therapy. A lot that comes up is related to "You’re Going To Die" conversations. If there's anything that would stop me from doing the show, and it certainly seems far off if even imaginable, it would be coming to some kind of complete okay-ness, some otherworldly wisdom.