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EDITOR’S NOTE "LONDON CEMETERIES XI" Impermanence Jon Underwood, three years ago at the age of 40, wrote on his website, “I'm the guy who set up Impermanence. I don't think there has ever been anything quite like it! I'm really enjoying this work and am committed as an experience to be avoided at all costs. As doulas, they align with death to guide the dying, and their family and friends, toward the grace of releasing earthly attachments and letting go. A man from Varanasi, India, where death is to following a course of death-activism as long as considered a blessing, shares his wisdom with in its first two volumes. In this volume, we share A nursing home in Holland offers lodging to possible.” Art of Dying shared Jon’s wise presence Jon’s funeral. Every person in this volume embraces death as an immediate inspiration. As artists, they reveal death’s beauty through painting, writing, sculpture, photography, and fashion design. As activists, they act as death’s defenders, challenging the fear-based beliefs and mores that have condemned death as life’s enemy and dying a culture where death is considered a curse. students who learn first-hand how best to die while reminding the elderly how best to live. Decaying marble memorials share impermanence with biodegradable grave garments. Jon Underwood wrote: “My experience tells me that death can play a role in helping us enjoy life.” Our experience should tell us the same. JOHN WADSWORTH, FOUNDING EDITOR AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR JOHN@ARTOFDYINGMAGAZINE.COM 4 | ART OF DYING @ARTOFDYINGMAGAZINE @ARTOFDYINGMAG