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FINALLY, END OF LIFE DOULAS AND HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS COME TOGETHER September 27th - 30th, 2018 New York, New York 3 Day Certification Film Screening "The Nurse With The Purple Hair" with film director Sean Cunningham Special Guests - Dr. Michael Fratkin & More So Much More For More Information: A memoir by a stricken cancer A A memoir by by a cancer memoir a cancer stricken stricken man who’s written man more than man who's who's written written more than more than 826 napkin notes 826 to to his his young 826 napkin napkin notes notes young to his young daughter − daughter to to last her daughter — — enough enough last her enough to last her through through school. through high high high school. school. Cue Cue the the hankies. hankies. Cue the hankies. Available on English and Spanish Available in in and & Spanish Available on on in English English Spanish VOLUME III | 33