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embody good values. Building good habits happens over time, with practice. “It’s like building a muscle; you have to keep at it everyday.”  PROJECT FUEL Unless one consistently works towards being just, truthful and compassionate, one cannot expect to express these qualities when challenged. 10. CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO LEARN It is easy to get lost and confused in the vastness of available knowledge. “The key lesson here is to be mindful of choosing what you deeply feel will be of value to you,” Shukla says. “People might impose subjects and philosophies on you because they interest them. While you must acknowledge their suggestions, it is wise to delve deeper into what rejoices your own heart and mind.”  can’t speak, walk or communicate with others as before, so they turn DEEPAK RAMOLA is the to learn over the course of their life enriches their final days.”  Director of Project FUEL. THE THOUGHT THEY PRODUCE the Understanding of connected with. However, in many relationships, a mismatch of ideologies organization collects life no longer associated with that person. It simply means that you don't ages and backgrounds The divorce, Shukla affirms, is with the thought and not with the person. Through his self-invented 12. TEN PERCENT OF WHAT YOU EARN SHOULD BE KEPT ASIDE FOR teaches human wisdom. With a smile, Shukla says, “In the last days of their life a lot of people inward. They remember what made their heart sing. What they most cared 11. YOU DON'T BREAK TIES WITH PEOPLE; YOU BREAK TIES WITH You can seldom distance yourself from people you have truly loved and Founder & Artistic FUEL stands for: Forward Every Life Lesson. The causes people to stop communicating. This doesn’t mean that you are lessons from people of all associate with the dominant thought that person brings with him or her. around the world. Understanding this relieves you from feeling bitter and revengeful.  methodology Deepak DHARMA Deepak, is a featured Shukla doesn’t define “dharma” as something religious or spiritual. Instead, he says dharma is feeling responsible for helping others. A simple calculation is to dedicate ten percent of your income toward goodwill.  Toward the end of their life, many people donate money or perform charitable acts because death is hard for them. Through their suffering, they empathise with the suffering of others. Shukla says that when you don’t cling to everything you have, and share with an all-encompassing goodwill toward all, you exit peacefully and gracefully in the companionship of loved ones and with the blessings of strangers. United Nations speaker, a TED speaker, an educator, a writer, actor and a gold medalist in Mass Media studies. Deepak has written lyrics for songs featured in many Hindi films. VOLUME III | 27