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Swedenborg believed there is an afterlife very much like our own where spirits live in cities you can visit if you are sensitive to that alternate reality. Communication is possible. Receptive, creative people commune with spirits. I had to be willing to hang out with suffering spirits to open up to Divine possibility, to imagine and conceive continuity beyond the body.  We both realized our vital connection with all beings... Through Visuddhimagga, the Path of Purification, Allyson and I learned about the power of sky burials and meditating on rotting corpses. We were inspired by the exquisite depictions of the Nature of Mind in Tibetan Buddhist thangka paintings. Allyson: Meditation on Mortality, our 1980 performance, ritualized our wedding. I was covered in white grease paint, Alex in black. We embodied Yin and Yang. Through deep embrace, body upon body, we symbolized our ability to connect beyond duality, to transcend whiteness and blackness, light and darkness, life and death. We became Grey. For the first ten years of our relationship I lost sleep with anxiety over our separation by death. One night, lying on our bed together with our eyes closed, neither talking nor touching, we took a therapeutic dose of MDMA and all of that anxiety went away. We simultaneously shared the same psychedelic vision: an experience of the “Universal Mind Lattice.” Our shared consciousness no longer identified with nor was limited by our physical bodies: We each felt this state to be our purified essence. “I” was one particular point in the vast network, aware of “my” unique relationship with all points in the field. We both realized our vital connection with all beings and things in the visible and invisible Universe, with God. We felt that death was not to be feared because the Light was our spiritual core and we would eventually return to the profoundly transcendent bliss of this lattice realm. I knew I was alright, I knew Alex was alright and I knew that HE knew that I was alright. I thought, 'Whoever survives should repeat this experience.' Psychedelics and MDMA help relieve all sorts of suffering, often permanently after only one journey. Jewel Net of Indra by Allyson Grey VOLUME III | 11